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You’ve tired before but you ‘fall off’ every time.

You give in on your diet and you sack your training off.

But you get pretty upset at the fact that you’re not making any progress.


We have all been there, me included.

It’s hard not to go through this cycle these days, with constantly being bombarded with everyone’s highlight reels on social media.

Thinking why can’t I look like that? Or, why are they having fun and I’m not?

Well to be honest you’re watching all their ‘best bits’ and they’re most likely thinking the same as you about someone else.

So how do you get out of this cycle of starting over again, usually on a Monday after a weekend binge?

Well, unfortunately for you it’s not some well kept secret or a magic fix.

It’s your mindset. Once you change that, wonderful things start to happen. Now you’re thinking WTF does that even mean.

So, put it this way.

What if there was no bandwagon to fall off?

What if Monday was just another day, not the start of the week and another diet?

What if the weekend didn’t signify going out and getting hammered then binging on food because you’re hungover?

YOU put yourself on that bandwagon.

YOU told yourself that this was the last time.

YOU told yourself absolutely no more drinking or takeaways.

Good intentions, but the problem with this is that you already set yourself up to fail.


Because it’s unrealistic.

There was never a single chance of you never having a drink again or never ordering a takeaway again because you’re human and it would be wrong not to treat yourself every once in a while.

Instead what you should do is see your diet and training as a sliding scale and as long as your making the right choice more often that not you will make progress.

The more often you make the right choices for you, the more progress you’ll see. Making progress towards your goals doesn’t mean that you can’t have a life, it means being honest with yourself and making a few changes where necessary.

This doesn’t mean overhauling your life by throwing out all the ‘bad’ foods in your cupboards and scheduling a gym session in every day until the end of time.

But making even the most minor changes adds up to big results and once they snowball within a few months or years you’ll have made major progress.

So back to the original point, deciding to lose weight, tone up & just generally try to make some positive changes. It WILL NOT happen overnight.

Your decision to make these changes may have come at a turning point but the results won’t come as quickly. A little patience goes a long way.

The reason you keep starting again is that you’re most likely not giving it time AND you think once I’m at X destination then I’ll be happy, and I can go back to how I was.

But, that’s not the truth, that’s not how it works. Once you’ve made changes and you’re seeing results you’ll want to progress, and you’ll want to set new goals and the compound interest of your small changes will be showing.

You see it’s easy to say once I get to such a weight I’ll be happy, but it’s just not true, because once you’re there, you’ll worry about staying that way, which for some, can reduce your quality of life because you’ll weigh yourself everyday (far too obsessive) and you’ll always have that sinking feeling when someone asks you out for food and drinks and who wants that?!

Wouldn’t you rather be happy, healthy and enjoying life?

Able to go out with friends and socialise?

That all starts with a few changes to the way you think about fitness, there is no end destination which at first can make you feel like, why start then?

Because, as long as you’re improving

you are making progress, if you’re making the right choices for you, you are moving forward and that doesn’t have to end.

Like I said, a sliding scale not a bandwagon to be ‘on’ or ‘off’.

Peace ✌️

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