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Feel F**king Good Course

  • 6Weeks
  • 47Steps
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Who is it for? This course is for people who want to change their mental and physical health but don't know where to start or where to get the correct information out there. If you're wanting to upgrade not only your gym performance but your mindset as well, this is the course for you. What you'll learn: You'll receive trainings on Nutrition, Mindset, Training and Lifestyle factors. This is gives you the best chance or being successful and being able to apply it to your life! No matter how hectic your schedule is. Including how to calculate your own calories, how to tackle a negative inner narrative, how to structure your training plus how to manage around social occasions and events. Course Structure Once you have watched the welcome videos... The course is split into segments across the lifestyle, training, mindset and nutrition, it's suggested you work through approx 1 segment a week, this allows you to take the information in and go implement. Knowledge is power but without action it is useless! Not only will you receive trainings but you'll have access to a full mobility library and resources to help you out as you progress through the course. Resources: As part of the course, you will receive 5 recipe books, 16 survival guides and my low calorie snack guide plus, my daily and weekly planners. And as a bonus, my guide to staying on track when you go out to eat! It's a sure-fire way to live a life on your terms.

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